The UN Millenium Development Goals

On September 18th 2000, 189 member states of the United Nations passed with the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) a catalog of measures with eight compulsory aims for all member nations. The main focus was on fighting worldwide poverty, which was not only understood as material poverty but also as lack of chances and possibilities.

The eight aims are
– Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger
– Achieve universal primary education
– Promote gender equality and empower women
– Reduce child mortalityImprove maternal health
– Combat AIDS/HIV, malaria and other diseases
– Ensure environmental sutainability
– Develop a global partnership for development

These aims were to be targeted in the following 15 years, to be achieved in 2015. ICTs are in this context seen as a measure for empowerment and the UN supports many projects in this field. As stated in a paper of the World Bank:

“This new technology greatly facilitates the acquisition and absorption of knowledge, offering developing countries unprecedented opportunities to enhance educational systems, improve policy formation and execution, and widen the range of opportunities for business and the poor.” [Report of the World Bank, 1999]

Right now the aims are actually far away from being achieved. In Austria the expenses for development assistence are even below the EU-wide average. The rich countries of the world have obliged themselves to spend at least 0,51 percent of the GDP from 2010 on, which obviously produces quite many difficulties for Austria. The discussion if the budget for the military mission in Chad should be accounted for development aid is one of the oddities in this context.
A popular and interesting statistic often cited is the relation between the worldwide expenses for development aid – 84 Billion Dollars – and the military budget – 1118 Billion Dollars.

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The UN Millenium Development Goals
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  1. Aditi Says:

    The Millennium Goals represent a global partnership for development.
    The deal makes clear that it is the primary responsibility of poor countries to work
    towards achieving the first seven Goals. They must do their part to ensure greater accountability
    to citizens and efficient use of resources. But for poor countries to achieve the first seven Goals, it is absolutely critical that rich countries deliver on their end of the bargain with more and more effective aid, more sustainable debt relief and fairer trade rules, well in advance of 2015.
    Lets all join this campaign: