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Generally the buzzword “open Access” is a very broad term. It is used to describe initiatives for the free access to scientific data or cultural assets in museum, libraries or archives.
There exists even an international movement on this topic, the “Budapest Open Access Initiative”. It consists of several American and European scientists and researchers which aim at the public and free accessibility of research results. Furthermore they challenge the big research institutions to publish their work in the internet and permit free reading, copying and transmission.

In the context of ICT4D, the initiative could help very much in reducing the digital divide as it could permit researchers in poor countries to have the same access to the newest research and results as their collegues in highly subsidized universities in western countries. As nowadays in developing nations there even exist universities with no journal subscriptions at all, as they are too expensive, this could be a large step forward for the research community there.
A prominent supporter of this movement is the Harvard University which just in February this year voted for “a motion for finished academic papers to be posted for free online, in an open access repository, on an opt-out basis”. [Link]

Of course the realisation of this aim is not similar for every research field, but in informatics and related sciences there is more and more research material available online for free and I am very fond of this development. My master thesis even bases only on papers available online and I can state that there is quite a bunch of them to be found.

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"Open Access" – Scientific Articles for everyone
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