IPID – The International Network for PG Students in ICT4D

One of the few newsletters I am subscribed to and I really read every time is the one of IPID.
IPID РThe International Network for PG Students in ICT4D Рis an international organisation for all students interested in ICT4D research. It was launched some years ago by the Swedish organisation Spider (The Swedish Program for ICT in Developing Regions) which is funded by the Swedish central development agency SIDA (Styrelsen f̦r internationellt utvecklingssamarbete).
IPID works with many universities around the globe and organises meeting of interested students, mostly in Scandinavia. The newsletter gives a regular overview of research activities, conferences, job offers and other in the context of ICT4D.
Regrettably I did not find the time to attend workshops or meetings organised by them – this one is in Finnland (Joensuu) in September – but next time I will definitely go there.
The reason why I know them is the Master program I attended in my exchange year in Sweden. But I will write about that another time.

Check out the wiki for updates on this topic

IPID – The International Network for PG Students in ICT4D
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