SMS technologie on sugarcane

I want to write a follow up on Florians post about SRI. There is an interesting dossier published by Spore on how SMS techologie can boost the output of sugarcane. Farmers in South Africa use cell phone technologie to get notified when it is necessary to irrigate their crops. The key goal is to reduce cost of irrigation by pulling down the amount of water used.

The system, called My Canesim, uses automatic weather stations, the Internet and cellular technology to produce up-to-date information about when to irrigate crops. Extrapolating information from field and real-time weather data, My Canesim estimates the recent, current and future water balance, as well as the crop status and projected yield of a given plot. It then automatically generates and distributes simple irrigation advice by SMS to farmers’ mobile phones. [snip taken from here]

I think “traditional” methods of optimizing harvest should combined with new technologie, to get the best out of agriculture.

Check out the wiki page of this article to receive updates.

SMS technologie on sugarcane
was published on 24.06.2008 by Martin Konzett. It files under global
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