Logo first Sketch


This is the first sketch of our logo. How do you like it? The “C” looks a bit like the old ORF logo … We have to work on it, but I want you to have a chance to contribute, so please write a comment. This logo was donated by Totti Design Team so thanks to you guys …

Logo first Sketch
was published on 25.06.2008 by Martin Konzett. It files under global
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2 Responses to “Logo first Sketch”

  1. Florian Sturm Says:

    I am not sure if people will read it as “ict” – maybe the I should have the same size as the T and be situated a little more to the left?

  2. Lida Says:

    Thanks for all of your posts. but
    really ? i don’t think so guys check this url and change your mind.
    Lida Thanks. Have a nice day !