Interesting people – Ismael Peña-López

Ismael Peña-López is one of the first people I came across when I did research on ICT4D.
He is a lecturer at the University of Catalonia in Barcelona and publishes current issues and research he does on He holds and participates in many workshops and conferences on the topic and in his PhD thesis which he currently writes, he tries, amongst other things, to find empiric evidence on the claim that ICTs fosters economic development.
Other issues he is interested in include e-Learning or Open Access. Overall I have to say that his articles and blog posts influenced me very much in my master thesis and gave me many ideas about the whole topic.
From 15th to 17th October he organizes a course about ICT4D in Barcelona with many interesting persons in that field like Ethan Zuckerman or David Weinberger and I’m pretty sure I will go there.

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Interesting people – Ismael Peña-López
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  1. Martin Konzett Says:

    This sounds very interesting. I would love to join you, but I will be in Johannesburg attending

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