Interesting projects – Picidae

Picidae is an art project of the two Swiss artists Christoph Wachter and Matthias Jud. It is a project against censorship in the internet and should enable every internet user to access every web page without being constrained or mintored by authorities.
It works the following way:

If you invoke a pici-server a form field appears to fill in a web address. The pici-server then creates an image of that website and sends this back. [snip taken from here]

The authors have made several travels around the world – even to China – to try out their project.
At the PecheKucha event, where I had a presentation they also were there and talked about Picidae.
They said that they receive a big response from countless people in many countries, if you are interested check out their website.

To receive updates about this project, check out the wiki page for this article.

Interesting projects – Picidae
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