Austrian organizations: KOO

The KOO is the “Koordinierungsstelle der Österreichischen Bischofskonferenz für internationale Entwicklung und Mission“, which means that they are coordinating the actions of several catholic organizations in the field of Development assistance. Their mission is to allocate the funds some member organizations acquire to the organizations that carry out projects in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Furthermore they gather recent job offers on the homepage.

The guideline of KOO (in German) reads quite critical to the recent development of the world, denouncing neoliberal economics, the widening gap between developing and developed nations and the general failure of political authorities. Also the role of new media is mentioned, but mainly neglected as tool for cultural imperialism of the western consumer-society.

As the guideline is from 1997 I don’t know how the current developments in IT are seen, but it does not seem that the usage of ICTs is very popular. The homepage serves as a platform to post news, links and job offers but there seems to be no interactive or participative sector like a blog or a wiki (- I couldn’t log into the intranet though).

I think that’s a pity, as the KOO is one of the major players in Austrian development assistance and having more information on their activities would definitely be useful.

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Austrian organizations: KOO
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