Situation in Malawi

Nchenga is pointing to this interesting video by Cy Kuckenbaker about farmers in Malawi. I spent several month down in Malawi and traveled the country up and down a few times. I really love Malawi and the people there are so nice. Malawi is known as “The warm heart of Africa” and this is true for sure.

My previous post was about the situation in Kenya. Kenya is really developed compared to Malawi. So it was easy for Cy to find areas not connected to the cellular network. The videos is about farmers in such areas (the Hewe valley near the Nyika plateau) and is asking “What will happen when they become connected?”

80% of Malawians are farmers. Tosi, Chatwa and Mr. Kunga are sure, that cell phone enabled farming will help them to increase the price for their crops, because they cut out the man in the middle and sell direct to markets. This should lead to less poverty.

Situation in Malawi
was published on 23.07.2008 by Martin Konzett. It files under global
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