BoingBoing TV – cameras in rural Guatemala

BoingBoing, the famous blog and “directory of wonderful things” (see Wikipedia) has in their BoingBoing TV section recently launched a series called BBtv World, which tries to give first-person impressions of life around the globe, by putting cameras in the hands of the people they visit.

The first three-part documentation is about a Maya community in Guatemala.

I found the third and final part of the documentation especially interesting, as not only the children are handed cameras to record life from their view, but also as the local leader of an international NGO talks about the impact that the cameras have on his work. He considers the cameras very useful in case of a natural diaster or conflict to report to the government to receive support immediately and also expresses his hope for the technology to evolve further.

Check it out

BoingBoing TV – cameras in rural Guatemala
was published on 01.08.2008 by Florian Sturm. It files under global
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