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One of the most famous and most often mentioned blogs in the Austrian blogsphere is “Helge’s Blog“. Helge Fahrnberger blogs about life, politics and, as I just discovered, has a special interest for Burkina Faso.

He writes about his own experiences there and is a member of an Austrian NGO that carries out health-related projects in Burkina Faso – laafi. They have a blog to keep people updated on their news and for general information on Burkina Faso they link to (which seems to be run by Helge Fahrnberger). impressed me a lot as it gathers informatian on many (141!) german-speaking initiatives in Burkina Faso and some of their coordination even seems to run over the wiki and the news section is updated quite regularly.

This is in a way how I imagine to be – check out and

By the way: there seems to be a party on the way – September 20th, VetMed Univeristy, Vienna

Interesting Austrian projects – &
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  1. Helge Says:

    Hey Florian, thanks for the flowers! Just a correction though: I’m not founding member of Laafi, just a member.

    Would be great to see you folks at the Laafi-Fest!

  2. florian.sturm Says:

    oh ok, I just thought so as you’re also in the executive board;
    Laafi-Fest would be great but I’m not in Austria until October; but I’ll most definitely be at the next Barcamp in Vienna on October 4th and 5th