Nano Vent-skin: The solution for energy problems?

I want to follow up Florians post about the electricity supply in rural LDCs. Al Kags writes about a very conceptual system called Nano Vent-Skin invented by the Mexican product Designer Agustin Otegui. The system acts like a skin for almost every surface and tries to absorb wind energy using built in nano vents. The project has to survive prototyping stage before thinking about the costs. In fact, a ubiquitous system like that could be installed everywhere, especially in rural areas. It could provide energy for lighting up the environment, charging cell phones or power even bigger systems like GSM towers. I think it has to be combined with solar powered systems to give a sustainable solution. Since solar panels are there for quite long, and the prices are low (compared to this system), Nano Vent-Skin has a long road to go to become successful.

Africa has two main challenges. Powering up the continent and doing it in a sustainable manner. In line with this thinking, I have stumbled upon a new technology called Nano Vent-Skin that seems to be very interesting. I wonder if it is the solution for Africa? [snip taken from here]

Nano Vent-skin: The solution for energy problems?
was published on 05.08.2008 by Martin Konzett. It files under global
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