CNN: Africans get mobile

Putting people first points to this acticle by CNN: “Africans get upwardly mobile in cell phone boom“. The report is focusing on numbers and starts with a story about a cab driver in Accra, the captial Ghana, where back in 2002 land plots where exchanged against cell phones. Nowadays cell phones are everywhere, even the poorest own them.

There are now almost seven million cellphone users in Ghana, up from only a couple hundred thousand subscribers in 2000. The continent’s biggest users are in South Africa, with nearly 25 million subscribers, followed by Nigeria, Egypt and Morocco. [snip taken from here]

The story also points to the Grameen Village Phone and the complementary business which grows with the mobile market, like charging cell phones from car batteries, mobile banking, e-health and common e-business.

CNN: Africans get mobile
was published on 11.08.2008 by Martin Konzett. It files under global
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