Blogroll for the South Ossetia conflict

I closely followed the conflict between Georgia and Russia in the last days.

It has extensive coverage in the blogsphere, so I want to provide some interesting blogs with different points of views for everyone to form his own opinion.

  • The Oil and the Glory – author Steve LeVine covers foreign affairs and energy for BusinessWeek
  • – covers issues of post-soviet countries since 2003
  • Global Voices Online – great platform which offers news from places not so covered by mass media with background information and input from various sources

I also want to point to this article of Mark Almond a friend of mine sent me the link and to this one of Yulia Latynina.

For me personally it is/was quite hard to form an own opinion of that whole thing as – like every war – it is quite complex; but from the ICT4D point of view it is fascinating that so many people take the opportunity to express their views and contribute through blogs and even the mass media draws information from them.

Participative journalism, here we go again.

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Blogroll for the South Ossetia conflict
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