Interesting projects – Zwelenqaba

Over Technorati I just found this blog of Ron Wertlen (CEO of eKhaya ICT) where he writes about efforts and projects on bridging the digital divide.

His recent blog posts cover the projects Zwelenqaba and ECSPRIT he carries out with the help of several other companies and organizations.

As I recently blogged about mobile stations run by solar power, Zwelenqaba ist very interesting for me as it follows a similar approach.

“The Solar Electric Light Fund (SELF) a U.S.-based NGO in conjunction with the South African company eKhaya ICT is implementing a solar school computer lab at the Zwelenqaba Senior Secondary School in Tafelahash in the former Transkei (South Africa) and much more [as you may read here]

The computer lab runs only on solar power and the equipment is funded by various sponsors. It was launched just in the beginning of August and subsequently the project ECSPRIT – setting up a sustainable training structure for the computer lab – has started.

Great initiative in my opinion – maybe also interesting as a complement for ITHUBA (blog post about it)?

Check it out.

Interesting projects – Zwelenqaba
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