Study on effects of mobile phones in LDCs

One of the most important questions for me when I work on this project or ICT4D in general is, if it is really true that ICTs have good effects on the social and economic situation in less and least developed countries.

There are many success stories like Grameen Village Phone or, but what is lacking for me is the statistically backed up evidence.

In this context this post of Jack Ewing on Business Week delighted me, as it summarizes the results of 20 important studies on the topic and overall says that there is a positive impact on many people – links to the blog post and to the original report.

Of course, as the report was issued by the GSM Association it is in my opinion not totally unbiased, so I still wait for Ismael Peña-López’ PhD thesis, which has the connection of ICTs and economy on a wider base as a topic.

But still it’s good to hear that the assumptions of this whole ICT4D movement are not totally wrong.

Study on effects of mobile phones in LDCs
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2 Responses to “Study on effects of mobile phones in LDCs”

  1. ismael Says:

    Mmm, guess I’m going a little bit more macro than this.

    Though I’m dealing too with mobile telephony, it will just be a part of the whole thing – hope I’m not disappointing anyone by this 😉

  2. Florian Sturm Says:

    Hi Ismael, I’m aware that your research is covering more aspects on a wider angle – and that’s why I am really curious about it;
    I’m not limited to mobiles either, so a general research if ICTs and their effects on (economic) development is what I’m missing in the whole discussion – and that’s where you come into the picture 😉