Interview with Ethan Zuckerman on Web 2.0 for Development

I just discovered an interview with Ethan Zuckerman (also introduced here) on Web 2.0 for Development on the Radio Deutsche Welle page. The introduction text:

The internet and so called Web 2.0 applications hold great potential for the developing world and development work.

Ethan Zuckerman was the keynote speaker at the recent UN Food and Agriculture Organisation’s Web 2 For Development conference in Rome. Here in part two of our interview with the co-founder of Global Voices, we explore using Web 2.0 tools in rural development and working with low cost web applications to share information between remote locations. [snippet taken from here]

Ethan talks about the difficulties in approaching the people in less developed countries and the need for innovative ways to bridge the gap between the internet and other media that already reaches a big part of the community. Furthermore he gives many examples for real-world implementations of the ICT4D concept in agriculture (Tradenet), transperancy (Mzalendo) or banking (M-Pesa).

It’s definitely worth listening to – check it out.

Interview with Ethan Zuckerman on Web 2.0 for Development
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