Interesting projects: Skyrove

Through this blog post of Steve Song – who works for the Shuttleworth Foundation (you know – the guy from Ubuntu) in South Africa – I found the page of the South African company Skyrove.

I immediately liked the page, it has an easy and user friendly interface and the business principle is easy explained. It’s about motivating people to buy WIFI-hotspots and provide internet access publicly for payment. Skyrove takes over the user and credit management for a share of the revenue.

It’s easy to become a provider as well as to buy credits.

The system does not only work for South Africa but world wide.

I think that’s a great system for fostering the availability of WIFI. It enabes local businessmen – like shop- or cafe- owners – to earn money and at the same time provide internet for people with no prior access.

Way to go – check it out

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Interesting projects: Skyrove
was published on 03.09.2008 by Florian Sturm. It files under sub saharan africa
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5 Responses to “Interesting projects: Skyrove”

  1. Henk Kleynhans Says:

    Thanks for the mention about Skyrove! Something I’ve noticed: In Europe, Broadband at home is cheap. Thus WiFi is about convenience when you are away from home; at a cafe, hotel or airport. In Southern Africa, the costs of an ADSL line (before even getting any bandwidth, it costs about 45 Euro, a LOT in SA) are prohibitively high. WiFi is thus a way to provide cheaper internet access for people at their HOMES! Not just when they’re out and about!

    Check out the Skyrove Blog at We’ll hopefully be making some exciting announcements soon about some new technology we believe is going to change the telecoms game in Africa dramatically!

  2. Florian Sturm Says:

    Thanks for the comment, we’ll keep an eye on you 😉

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