IPID ICT4D PG Symposium 2008

An interesting meeting I regrettably miss right now is the IPID ICT4D Post Gratuate Symposium 2008 at Joensuu University, Finland. It took place yesterday and today (8. & 9.9.) and members of the IPID network (International Network of Post Graduate Students in the area of ICT4D) from all over the world introduce their research questions and what they found out by now.

I am myself a member of the IPID network, I got to know the people of Spidercentre who partly organize it almost two years ago when I did an exchange year in Stockholm. They are closely associated to the University of Stockholm and to SIDA and already ran many interesting projects. They also provide a newsletter covering important facts and dates on ICT4D. Only the events they organized so far, I always missed.

Hopefully I find time for the next meeting, I really want to get to know other people in this field.

Anyway, for this meeting Ismael Peña-López undertakes the task of posting summaries of the participants’ presentations, so I get a nice overview – thanks.

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IPID ICT4D PG Symposium 2008
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