Hole in the wall

Just recently I saw a TED-Talk on self-organized children learning by  Sugata Mitra which impressed me deeply.

He talks about his “Hole in the wall” experiment where he tested the skills of children in India to teach themselves without supervision by adults. He put a computer and a keyboard in a slum area and just waited what will happen.

The outcomes were amazing, as these children tought each other English and basic computer skills within few day. Just because they were interested in this new device, they figured out quickly how to use it. As they needed English for surfing the internet, they just learned it

I would have never expected that and I’m sure if you see it you’ll be suprised of the incredible abilities of children as well. He repeated the experiment several times in various parts of India and had similar results, so it was not just coincidence.

Check it out

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Hole in the wall
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