Ushahidi extended

The highly innovative project Ushahidi – initially dedicated to report post-election violence in Kenya by displaying them on Google Maps – has been taken another step further and now generally provides a platform for “crowdsourcing crisis information”.

A note by one of the creators – Erik Hersman (also editor of the wonderful blog

Ushahidi is moving from being a one-time mashup covering the post-election violence in Kenya to something bigger. We are setting out to create an engine that will allow anyone to do what we did. A free and open source tool that will help in the crowdsourcing of information – with our personal focus on crisis and early warning information. [snippet from here]

The engine is right now in use for the initial purpose as well as for mapping anti-immigrant violence in South Africa.

The project was granted funds and many people joined in to help developing.

The “old” Ushahidi was already extremely useful for getting an overview on the state of things in Kenya and made it possible for everybody to contribute and report crimes.

Great idea to make the tool available for everybody.

Check it out –

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Ushahidi extended
was published on 06.09.2008 by Florian Sturm. It files under sub saharan africa
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