Course: Network Society

This Wednesday until Friday the course “Network Society: Social changes, organizations and citizens” is taking place in Barcelona.

“A massively connected society, with an almost continuous access to information, higher mobility and speech freedom, more urban, more free time, and more technology available to create, remix and share … is the adequate medium to transform the information society to the network society, a new model redefining concepts as identity, community, citizenship, authority and power, participation or property, and affecting greatly to every institution, being business, markets or governments. [from here]”

The question for me now is, where the lesser developed countries are placed in this process. How can we integrate them into this society, how can we avoid that they will be, once more, left behind?

The list of speakers includes interesting people like Ethan Zuckerman (Global Voices Online), Tom Steinberg (mySociety) and many more – details on the program here.
The course is organized by the CUIMPB and Ismael Peña-López is one of the chairs.
I am really looking forward to this event – also to have the chance to see beautiful Barcelona.
I will try to cover most of the talks and upload short summaries – never tried live-blogging before so I’m curious if I’ll manage.

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Course: Network Society
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