Business fights poverty

After reading through several reviews and blog posts on the PopTech 2008 conference, it struck me that one focus of the conference this year was on development through enterprise.

There were several examples of companies offering products for the bottom of the pyramid, generating income out of it. For example Husk Power Systems generating electricity for Indian villages from rice husks or PNFC (Por Fin, Nuestra Casa), offering houses from ship containers for Mexican factory workers.

Economic sustainability is one of the key criterion for successful development products – as several scholars already identified. Entrepreneurs with knowledge of local problems and innovative solutions can foster more changes in a countries’ society and economy than any other well-meaning donators.

Now recently a social network platform focusing on people in the business sphere involved in development has been created – Business Fights Poverty.

I like the approach to use Web 2.0 tools to connect interested people – I just ask myself why these solutions always have to produce brand-new platforms and not try to connect existing ones. It would be a great thing to approach the user base of Kiva or Facebook and build something upon those systems.

Anyway, BFP seems to gain in members quickly and I wish them all the best.

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Business fights poverty
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