MobileActive08: Erik Hersman

This is the fourth interview from the video podcasts that we shot at MobileActive08 in Johannesburg last month (organized by MobileActive and sangonet).

In this interview Erik Hersman talks about Ushahidi, an online platform that was developed as a response to post-election violence in Kenya. (See also this and this blog post.) He further says that there is no lack of innovation in Africa, but rather a lack of capital, or lack of willingness to take risks by people who have that capital.

Erik Hersman also writes a great blog about high-tech mobile and web technology change in Africa (White African) and also contributes to another blog, which is about low-tech ingenuity and microentrepreneurs in Africa (AfriGadget).

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MobileActive08: Erik Hersman
was published on 22.11.2008 by Martin Tomitsch. It files under global
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