GlobDev Paris – Introduction

Notes from the workshop on Global Development, December 13 2008 in Paris.

I just today came back from Paris, where the International Conference on Information Systems – ICIS 2008 takes place right now. I attended a workshop on Global Development and presented a paper there.

I took a lot of notes and shot some picures, so my next few blogposts will cover this event. However, my notes are definitely not complete, so I would appreciate feedback and corrections.

Generally the workshop was very interesting, I got an insight view of the academic research undertaken right now in the field of ICT4D and got to know many interesting people. Almost all the people at the event were new for me and although I had thought that I have an overview of the universities where research in the area of ICT4D is undertaken, this event proved me wrong. Also, interestingly, the majority of attendees of the workshop came from Canada, the US, the UK, Scandinavia or Africa, whereas middle and southern Europe was almost not present at all (with the exception of Holland and Austria).


Plenary Session I – Introduction to the workshop:
Session Chair:
Ted Stohr – Stevens Institute of Technology, USA
Program Co-chairs:
Chrisanthi Avgerou – London School of Economics, UK
Muhammadou Kah – American State University of Nigeria, Nigeria

Initial statements:
Chrisanthi Avgerou & Ted Stohr:
There is a lack of qualitative research and lack of training in the ICT4D community, the research should make it to the journals. Also, to be able to tackle research aims collaboratively, a community with regular meetings should be established.
We need to skill up PhD students to be able to create publication in journals – one initiative is for example taking place in Pretoria, South Africa. It’s a two week skilling session for new PhDs to keep people informed on current developments ( – I didn’t find a URL for that, maybe somebody can provide it?).

Don McCubbrey: (Global Text Project)
Everybody thinks textbooks are too expensive, therefore it is necessary to engage collective intelligence of the research community to gather knowledge and provide it to LDCs. This aim is right now tackled with the initiative Global Text Project.
Right now there are two pilot textbooks available for free and some textbooks were donated by the authors. The objective is to provide 1000 textbooks covering the first 2 years of university education on as many subjects as possible.
There exist now two issues to help this project: promotion and scaling. Whereas the iniators think they can manage the scaling, the promotion is up to everybody who likes the project.

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GlobDev Paris – Introduction
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