Coop 2.0

Just a short announcement of an event we will be present at:

COOPERATION 2.0 is an international space for meeting, reflecting and building awareness about the need to promote and integrate the use of ICT in development policies, programmes and projects.

In its first edition, it tried to set a national and international reference for ICT and networked Development Cooperation.

It facilitated the exchange of experiences among cooperation agents to generate greater knowledge about ICT applications in the work of Cooperation, granting visibility to experiences under way.

The second edition, Cooperation 2.0 2009, follows along in continuity and will focus this time on the issue of ‘Innovation in ICT for Human Development’ [from here]

The event has a great program including interesting speakers and possibilities for networking and several interesting organizations will be present – such as the W3C, the IICD, UNDP and many more.

It will take place from 10 to 12 February in Gijon, Spain and we will try to shoot as many videos as possible and provide general coverage on the conference.

This is the page of the event, check it out.

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Coop 2.0
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  1. ismael Says:

    Be seeing you there! 🙂

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