SocialBar Wien

Picture taken by Christian Lendl

Picture taken by Christian Lendl

Yesterday (20.1.) I was at the first SocialBar Wien at the Skydome of the Wiener Hilfswerk.

The event should facilitate a knowledge exchange between IT specialists, voluntary workers, NGOs and even donors and scientists in the area of social work in general.

The Austrian version is closely affiliated to the German SocialBar movement and also uses the same infrastructure. The organizer (picture to the right) was Peter Jedlicka.

There were around 30 people from different NGOs and platforms as diverse as CARE, Südwind, Rotes Kreuz, Wohnungslosenhilfe… but also interested individuals.

There were five presentations about topics ranging from social entrepreneurship to platforms for the coordination of voluntary work (more details here).

Picture taken by Christian Lendl

Picture taken by Christian Lendl

I like the general idea of creating this kind of a platform for networking and exchange of experience – and to get to know people with similar interests. The meeting yesterday was a good start, but I have some suggestions for next time to improve the “social experience”.

  • Less formal setting – the spacial setting was quite strict and prevented interactions beneath the audience of the presentations to some extent
  • Broader time frame – the schedule was quite narrow, maybe plan some time for informal interaction at the same place (maybe there were interesting talks at the restaurant afterwards – but I didn’t go there)
  • Agree on one specific topic – in my opinion the presentations were to diverse to lead a coherent discussion, maybe agree on one specific topic in the forefront of the next SocialBar

However, I enjoyed taking part in this event and I’m looking forward to see it evolve in the future. Also, I really liked the mixture of people attending. The next meeting will be held in February – check it out!

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SocialBar Wien
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