Interview with Yael Schwartzman

We met Yael Schwartzman from Mexico at the MobileActive08 conference in Johannesburg last year, where she shared her on-going ICT4D project with us.

Yael currently works as a researcher at the University of California. As computer scientist she is involved in the development of a mobile phone application for coffee farmers in Mexico. The application, which is designed for fill in surveys, supports internal monitoring. This is important for the farmers to achieve better accountability, higher quality and improved efficiency, which in turn allows them to get access to a premium market.

To learn more about the application and the situation of coffee farmers in Mexico watch the full interview below. Muchas Gracias Yael!

This is the 11th interview from our MobileActive08 video podcast series, shot at the conference in Johannesburg (organized by MobileActive and sangonet).

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Interview with Yael Schwartzman
was published on 30.01.2009 by Martin Tomitsch. It files under latin and south america
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