AfrikaCamp Vienna – Aftermath

(cc) Walter Krivanek,

(cc) Walter Krivanek,

So after posting our notes and uploading our interviews we are ready to write some own impressions of the AfrikaCamp.

First of all it was great that so many people from areas different than the usual BarCamp crowd appeared (see also Jana Herwig’s blog post about AfrikaCamp).

This resulted in a big diversity of mentioned topics – from social entrepreneurship to web 2.0 or m-banking.

But different to SocialBar Wien two weeks earlier, there was an overall topic – Africa – and it was always present during the presentation and also in the conversations between the slots.

This leads me to what I think was a shortcoming of AfrikaCamp – we talked about Africa, but where were the people from Africa?

Only Bedi Amouzou from Togo, a friend of mine, made it to the event. Next time it would be a good idea I guess to write to embassies or expat communities. Everybody is talking about the involvement of local people – so let’s practice that.

Another thing which I found quite curious, was that the general opinion was somewhat negative towards “traditional” development aid. Or, how one visitor put it “development aid has been in place for for fifty years – and what has changed? nothing!”. On the other hand, the potentials of ICTs were seen quite optimistically.

The presenters showed several fascinating ways how they use social media and Web 2.0 for promoting their cause – blogs and social media integration almost being state of the art.

I was impressed by the ambition and energy of the people at the event and I’m sure they will all make a difference.

A different topic which we as an organization are right now pondering about is the format of AfrikaCamp, which was right now organized as a BarCamp

Our suggestion is to put in at least a key note and a closing note. Also, such an event should be enlarged to two days to reflect about what happened and to make up own conclusions.

Furthermore, as the topic is international per definition, internationally renowned speakers could be invited and have a fixed slot in the agenda.

Still, overall AfrikaCamp was important and great input for us and we would like to see that more often!

AfrikaCamp Vienna – Aftermath
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