Next event – Africa Gathering London

While still reflecting on AfrikaCamp Vienna and the interesting talks and experiences we had there, we stumbled upon the next promising event which perfectly fits to our approach of ICT4D.

Africa Gathering in London on 25th April is

A day for thinkers, supporters, sponsors, doers, geeks, dreamers – and everybody else to come and share, promote, highlight, progress and evolve issues related to ICT, social networking and technology in Africa.

It is organized by Edward Scotcher and Mark Simpkins (geekyoto) and on the speakers list there are:

So this appears to be a really exciting event – and will be present. We’re already looking forward to it!

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Next event – Africa Gathering London
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3 Responses to “Next event – Africa Gathering London”

  1. jke Says:

    Also booked my ticket yesterday (hey, it’s free!), still need transport to London tho.

  2. Edward Scotcher Says:

    And we’re looking forward to seeing you too! Thanks for getting involved! Ed

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