How to get the unbanked banked

We met Alex Comninos at the MobileActive08 conference in Johannesburg, where he told us about his research on mobile payment and mobile transfers. In the interview below he explains how mobile payment systems like M-Pesa may improve the banking situation in Africa. “We are looking at how we can deepen services like this to integrate people into the formal bank sector, give them access to credit,” Alex says. He further explains how having access to a transaction history would not only help people learning about budgeting, but also potentially make it easier for them to receive loans.

Alex works as researcher and network coordinator for Research ICT Africa, which is based in South Africa.

See also MobileActive’s notes from Alex’ talk at the conference.

This is the 13th interview from our MobileActive08 video podcast series, shot at the conference in Johannesburg (organized by MobileActive and sangonet).

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How to get the unbanked banked
was published on 16.02.2009 by Martin Tomitsch. It files under sub saharan africa
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