Internal #Q1 2009

We finally made up our budget for 2009 somehow, and yes: the year is already running …

So far we didn’t stop blogging and pushed our video podcast forward.

We went to SocialBar Wien and AfrikaCamp in Vienna, which we supported with money and own contributions. We were present at AfrikaCamp with 7 people, made interviews for our video podcast and socialized with other attendees.

Later – in February – we went to Spain to attend Coop 2.0, a meeting dedicated to innovation in ICT4D. Anders Bolin, Florian Sturm and me (Martin Konzett) created good connections to several people in the international ICT4D scene and again shot interviews for our video podcast. We talked to Oleg Petrov from the e-Development Thematic Group (e-TG) of the World Bank about a possible partnership and had an own presentation about Web 2.0 in ICT4D organizations.

Since founding member Martin Tomitsch now started lecturing down under, we are now offically partnering with University of Sydney. This is the second university partnering with us – the first one is Vienna University of Technology.

We already rolled out our first cooperative article (ICTs for the empowerment of citizens) which is going to be printed for the meeting e-STAS in Malaga, where I will be going to by the end of this month.

We also fixed our contribution for Africa Gathering in London the end of April.

Out movie project UZI Africa has rolled out a second trailer for scientific use.

We are proud to welcome Joanna Knueppel in our team. She will take care of the upcoming applications for funding together with Petra Busswald. We have three to five grants in the pipeline to which we will aplly by the end of April. As Joanna is an English native speaker, she will also do quality engineering on our blog and wiki.

2 of our members are starting the Swahili Course with Elisabeth Zenz this week to be prepared for Zanzibar this summer where they will carry out the Zanzibits Support project. The Swahili Course will also be documented and there will be a weekly blog post about it.

So far so good – we hope everything will continue this smooth and are looking forward to the next exciting events.

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Internal #Q1 2009
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