Repository of people in ICT4D

As our interview project is quite a success and we plan to extend it further on upcoming events such as e-Stas and Africa Gathering, we decided to create a repository of these videos in our wiki.

Additionally to the interviews we are trying to add a short CV to every person, to get the context right. Carrying this idea further a bit, we are creating an Open repository of interesting people in ICT4D – every person gets a wiki page.

Ideally this should become an overview as complete as possible – so help is welcome, just mail us if you want to add information. Of course if somebody doesn’t want to appear in this repository – again, just mail us.

Currently the wiki page is far from complete – but we will continuously work on it – make sure you check it out from time to time –

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Repository of people in ICT4D
was published on 06.03.2009 by Florian Sturm. It files under global
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