MobileActive08 interview: Introducing Streetwise

For the time being this is the last video interview that we will introduce through the MobileActive08 podcast series. And we have saved a really exciting interview to conclude this series!

In the video below Chris Williamson from Psitek (a South Africa-based innovative product development company) introduces Streetwise – a mobile computing device that aims to to provide students with lean Internet services, like e-mail or news. The entire device was designed and engineered by Psitek. It comes with a replaceable, durable keyboard and a GPRS antenna that provides Internet access through a SIM card. The device runs on a standard mobile phone battery, but can also be driven on a car battery.

Make sure to watch the second part of the video, where Chris shows this ground-breaking device and explains its features in detail.

Streetwise has also been mentioned recently on

This is the 20th and last interview from our MobileActive08 video podcast series, shot at the conference in Johannesburg (organized by MobileActive and sangonet).

Stay tuned for the next video podcast series, which will start soon!

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MobileActive08 interview: Introducing Streetwise
was published on 06.04.2009 by Martin Tomitsch. It files under global
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