Coop 2.0 interview: Oleg Petrov

After a one month break in our interview series, we continue with the interviews collected at this years conference Coop 2.0 in Gijon.

This interview features Oleg Petrov of the eDevelopment thematic group of the World Bank. We met him there for he first time and agreed on a partnership – which is right now already successfully up and running.

In the interview he expresses his personal views on the potentials of ICT in development and states that in his opinion ICTs are one of the most powerful tools in the last 2000 years.

He has been working in the World Bank for a while and always promoted the usage of ICTs – both internal and external – right now with a series of workshops and seminars with international stakeholders, both from public and private sector.

Make sure to watch the video – a strong call for new and innovative approaches towards development.

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Coop 2.0 interview: Oleg Petrov
was published on 14.05.2009 by Florian Sturm. It files under global
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