New Journal of ICT Research and Development in Africa

The International Journal of ICT Research and Development in Africa (IJICTRDA) is a new journal on research, advanced analytical methods and techniques, leading e-innovations, and development policies in information and communication technology adoption and diffusion in Africa and around the globe.

Topics that will be covered in the journal include ICT applications in agriculture and rural development, agribusiness supply chain management, coordination and integration, food security, poverty alleviation, food and agricultural marketing linkages, and rural financial service delivery.

The Editor-in-Chief currently invites authors to consider submitting articles to be featured in the inaugural issue of the journal. Articles may report on empirical research investigations, theoretical frameworks, case studies and major trends in ICT applications in food and agriculture, and rural development.

Being member of the Editorial Advisory Board of IJICTRDA, I’m especially looking forward to seeing submissions on case studies with an emphasis on interaction design and the design process in general. We will also cover published articles on this weblog, once the first journal is out.

For more information visit the publisher website or see the journal brochure.

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New Journal of ICT Research and Development in Africa
was published on 28.05.2009 by Martin Tomitsch. It files under sub saharan africa
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3 Responses to “New Journal of ICT Research and Development in Africa”

  1. Abubaker Ntambi Says:

    Dear IJICTRDA,

    Thanks for the initiative as it would create synergies in learning and documenting information about ICT 4 development in Africa. However, im concerned about the impending concetration of the journal on agricultural issues. The area of ICT across Africa has provided answers for many sub sectors including: SMEs, Innovations, Health,education, servide development among others. I wish the editors could consider rethinking the concetration of the journal.


  2. Martin Tomitsch Says:

    Thanks Abubaker for the comment. I completely agree with you and am also sure that the editors accept contributions that are outside the field of agriculture, but I will forward your comment to the Editor-in-Chief.

  3. C.Karthikeyan Says:

    ICT aplications are enormous in the field of agriculture particularly in Asian continent and this journal has rightly concentrated this area as one of its focus. I appreciate the scope and coverage of Agriculture and Rural development in the journal.