Announcement: Stammtisch #2

After our first Stammtisch on 18. April and the screening of our movie Hello Africa – which was kind of a replacement for a Stammtisch – we want to announce the second Stammtisch-meeting of

What: Stammtisch

Where: Cafe Benno, Alser Straße 67, Wien

When: Friday, 5. June 2009, 19:30

It’s just a meetup of people with similar interests – related to ICT4D. We are happy about everybody who comes and wants to get to know us.

It would be nice if you could notify us ( if you’ll definitely come.

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Announcement: Stammtisch #2
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2 Responses to “Announcement: Stammtisch #2”

  1. Mark Oppenneer Says:

    Hello – I was wondering if there would be any way to attend virtually? Perhaps a Skype hook-up or even one-way participation such as a streaming video feed? I live in Upstate New York (three hours north of New York City) and there aren’t many folks in this area interested in ICT4D. I’d love to connect with others who are involved.

    All the best,

  2. Martin Konzett Says:


    very nice idea! we just link you in with a skype video call? one-way would need some effort, but we are all pretty busy this week …

    … note that this event shall take place EVERY month on the first friday …

    drop us a e-mail at with your skype id …

    best, MK