Internal #Q2 2009

Again three months (actually four … but its been busy times) have passed since our Internal #Q1 2009 blogpost and we can again make a resumé what has happened since then.

Our partnership with the eDevelopment Thematic Group of the World Bank resulted in us covering several workshops ranging from open standards to cloud computing, via blogging and Twitter.

We attended e-STAS in Malaga where we moderated a workshop and AfricaGathering in London where we showed the trailer of our movie. Both events were great and we met up with numerous incredible people with great ideas.

Our biggest success so far was the screening of our movie Hello Africa at Viennese cinema Schikaneder in May and the subsequent screenings and the online streaming of it. The cinema was full, we got great feedbackand people from all around the world (UK, USA, Uganda, …) contacted us to get a copy. This Sunday the movie will be shown at ZIFF in Zanzibar.

Another quite successful event that took place twice in the last four months was the Stammtisch. As our members are spread around the world during summer, we are not sure if we will hold one then, but afterwards we will caryy on for sure. Generally – every first Friday a month at Cafe Benno, but we will announce that anyway.

Organizationswise we are happy to have attracted new members – Paul Pöltner who will help us to align our organizational structure to become more efficient and Worlali Senyo (Ghana) who reviews papers and does research on how to extend our projects to Ghana. Furthermore Wambura Kimunyu (Kenya) claimed she would give us a hand covering conferences in and around Kenya. Of course I also want to mention our members who have been already there longer – you have done great work.

Out next steps during the summer are partially already taking place – Martin Konzett is currently in Tanzania and Uganda to meet people and carry forward our projects – and for ZIFF of course. I, Florian Sturm, will go to Ghana in two weeks for the same reason and to show our movie at Maker Faire Africa. We haven’t managed to successfully apply for a grant yet, but we are getting ready for it. Martin will try to attend some conferences (e.g. IPID or Mobile Tech 4 Change) and will definitely go to INTERACT 2009.

Furthermore we are of course trying to keep up our good work with blogging and the video podcast.

So, great four months again. Looking forward to the summer.

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Internal #Q2 2009
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