Afrika Maker Faire Accra, Friday: Introduction and sessions 1st part

Notes from the Maker Faire Africa 2009 in Accra, Ghana from Friday 14th to Sunday 16th August.

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Welcome speech

Nii Simmonds

The event was a journey and a collective effort

People that came here are

  • makers
  • engineers
  • academics
  • people that understand – Africa really needs to take off


Emeka Okafor

This is a networking opportunity, especially for Africans

The event is about

  • energizing
  • amplifying
  • elevating
  • disseminating

what already already appears, fostering entrepreneurship, but also having fun


Makers Show & Tell

William Kamkwamba – created a windmill producing electricity on his own in rural Malawi

  • movie: moving windmills
  • you have to start with a first step
  • hopefully we come up with finding out about innovations as great until Sunday

Where did the idea come from?

  • 2001 – hunger in Malawi, no money for going on to school
  • -> reading books to keep up with colleagues, especially diagrams
  • picture of windmill
  • got stuff from the scrap place and just started building one
  • Later – applying knowledge acquired from travel to the US – building a bigger windmill to pump water

What happens if something breaks?

  • Williams cousin knows how to repair stuff
  • more people want to learn it, one already built an own working windmill

Where do the things come from?

  • most things are locally available

What’s next?

  • short term: teaching people
  • long term: commercial company


IDDS – refridgerator team

Notes from IDDS final presentation

How was working with the community?

  • was the greates part, many ideas/advice, great feedback
  • they tried stuff out and helped in testing -> fostered innovation

Which design principles?

  • Direct feedback by endusers
  • Co-creation
  • Letting users see and try it – exploring & improving


Pat – multi machine

Nowadays everything has to be built using a machine tool – which are very expensive

Multi machine:

  • device which is easy to build
  • combines several machine tools
  • using old (from 1830s) technology
  • anybody can build it

There are no actual plans but there is a DVD with instruction -> which is handed out for free

Feedback of people?

  • it’s built all over the world
  • the machine can be used for virtually anything
  • now working on a treadle mechanism

Q & A

William: what were the difficulties with the first prototype?

  • didn’t convince the community, only the family
  • had to get the old bicycle of his father

Pat: which website?

  • Yahoo group: multimachine newsgroup

IDDS team: where is everything documented?


William: things that didn’t work and had to be redone?

  • couple of things: eg bicycle chain went off all the time

William: what are the costs for a windmill and how many people does it serve?

  • about 50$, Williams family can live from it & it is used for charging mobile phones

General advice:

  • Pat: Persistence is vital
  • IDDS team: Sometimes the problem has to be reformulated


Amy Smith – founder of IDDS, D-Lab

Involving everybody in a design activity

5 water sachets -> build something from it!

Various solutions of the teams

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