Maker Faire Africa, Accra, Sunday: Sessions

Notes from the Maker Faire Africa 2009 in Accra, Ghana from Friday 14th to Sunday 16th August.

Follow the MFA09 aggregator on Maneno.

MFA09 program available here.


Emeka Okafor – Announcements

What is happening after Maker Faire?

Announcing of prizes:

  • Multi machine prize: encourage individuals in Ghana to put together multi machines by the end of the year – 500$
  • Next Maker Faire – hopefully in Kenya, Nairobi -> looking forward for a Maker Faire price – 1500$

Acknowledgement of the partners and sponsors


Emer Beamer,  Patricia – Match a maker

Searching for people with AutoCAD skills, for a sys-admin internship in Ghana or somebody with skills in Shae-butter production – look at Match a Maker, soon to be announced on Butterfly Works


Mark Davies – Esoko, Wayan Vota – Inveneo, Miquel – Maneno; Building SMS applications and bandwidth ICT models

Phone is perfect for applications as the reach is really good

Various examples:

Various free APIs

  • RapidSMS
  • FontlineSMS
  • InfoBip
  • YoohBulk
  • IntelliSMS
  • Clickatell

SMS – the lowest common denominator, but also hightest cost per data

Maneno – specifically designed for low bandwidth

  • everything compressed (images, …)
  • design very light-weight


  • low number of requests
  • Google page analyser
  • Ajax has to be used cautously – can be very annoying

Where do web developers in Ghana host websites?

  • usually in the US
  • because of price reasons
  • web hosters in Ghana can’t assure 24/7 availability
  • maybe hosting content in Africa would be a good idea – or at least Europe as it’s closer to Africa (lower latency)

What about only designing websites for only Africa and not caring about the rest?

For technological discussion – new Accra technology group, meeting every month


Prizes for engaged people

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