Africa Gathering London – Saturday, presentations 2

Notes from the Africa Gathering London – “sharing ideas about positive change” – an event about business, IT, social causes and Africa.


Justin LyonSimudyne

Insights in simulation science can give insights in many things

computer simulation is creating a virtual envirmonment

  • how to take insights gained in virtual environment out of it

Tried to create a model how to create clean water

  • designed the device in the virtual environment
  • built it in real life
  • doesn’t need electricity
  • only requires that the water is stored above it

We can have something that exists in the virtual world and can be applied in the real world – that’s what we try to accomplish

Q & A:

How do you get the money to begin with? How is it sustained?

  • There’s an opportunity for the government, and for small and medium enterprises to purchase it with a loan

How about servicing?

  • the system was designed as a simple solution for a complex problem
  • the device is designed very inexpensively, the parts are available commercially and simple to maintain

Simulation is a powerful tool – it’s no problem if you mess up


Kevin “Banana Man”

Giving bananas to children in the Zulu land in South Africa – known as Banana Man there

The story as it began

  • 2005, a TV documentary on Africa, seeing the sad living conditions in Africa
  • 6 days later going to Zulu land and trying to help
  • hard decision to leave family and life behind
  • got to know taxi driver David going to Zulu land
  • journey of self-discovery
  • bought bananas to feed the children on the road side
  • incredible journey – found thousands of children that needed help
  • returned back later with money and set up fruit growing schemes
  • tried to get money, fundraise, funds
  • by 2007 many travels back to Zulu land, but quite close to giving up – working alone
  • joined a social networking site, posted stories and pictures to make people aware
  • wrote a book and published it, many copies sold, also in South Africa
  • Jacob Zuma was born in that town – a meeting was arranged
  • now there’s a charity – Banana Appeal
  • feeding children and helping them to go to school

“It’s incredible what you can do with some pence in a third world country”

Now the soccer World Cup is taking place in South Africa

  • what do we see?
  • AIDS, poverty

Zulu land is very fertile, just throw some seeds there and something will grow

Banana appeal wants to

  • grow many many fruit trees
  • create a blue print how to feed all the children for free
  • the trees take out a lot of carbon from the atmosphere

Q & A:

What did you tell your wive?

  • The only thing I did was get over the inhibition to do something
  • Huge emotional turn
  • Wive accepted it

What would you tell other people who have a good idea?

  • If you’re feeling inspired look around, there will be something to do – just get over the inhibitions


Mariéme Jamme – 10000Girls

  • Viola Vaughn  – Black American lady who decided to retire in Africa, young girl wanted her to teach them
  • Girls had no education
  • project called 10000Girls
  • social entrepreneurship education program
  • education for girls from 8-21 years
  • we want to get through education in 2038

Why do some business people go there to teach?

  • to get people in their feet
  • teaching entrepreneurship
  • lending money to start business

Entrepreneurship is the possibility to create your own future

The girls don’t want charity, they want the possibility to start their own businesses

Aid is not a tool, but education is

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Africa Gathering London – Saturday, presentations 2
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