Africa Gathering London – Saturday, presentations 3

Notes from the Africa Gathering London – “sharing ideas about positive change” – an event about business, IT, social causes and Africa.


Noemia Bacar – ICT in Mocambique

How are doing with ICT as a woman in Mocambique?

  • I am very proud to be the leader of the ICT unit of KPMG in Mocambique
  • Only few women are in this field

How is KPMG doing today in Mocambique?

  • KPMG is the longest established consulting company in Mocambique – since 1990
  • in 2007 a new line of service – IT advisors
  • new product and new market – helping clients developing new businesses, implementation reviews

Africa has got a continuity problem – how are you dealing with that in Mocambique?

  • companies are often not ready for this
  • we are trying to convince companies that it’s important to mitigate risks


Nick Short & Andrew Hagner & Niall WintersRoyal Veterinary College

Map of the last six months

  • quite a lot has happened – Africa Gathering helped a lot
  • New partners: Bloomsbury Colleges, London International Development Center (LIDC), African partners – very important as reality check, Novoda – commercial partner, Vetaid – NGO in the field providing a different viewpoint,, SACIDS, Vodafone
  • Research funding, government funding (JISC)

Project overview

  • livestock development – NGOs replacing government services for livestock – rise of community animal helath workers, but they are isolated
  • mobile possibilities, e.g. an Android platform we are working on now
  • pilot study in Zanzibar

Undergraduate research team

  • RVC team of currently 9 students
  • project on East Coast Fever

Use of phones

  • collecting data with Google Open Data Kit – collecting many paramaters
  • recording locations
  • communication
  • updating team blog

Advantages of phones

  • quick upload
  • XML formatted
  • paperless
  • keep in contact
  • input from world experts
  • also several technical constraints

Pros vs. Cons

  • great advantages
  • but phones are not affordable – financial support?

What do the local vets want?

  • educational tool & learning resource
  • record production data
  • management tool
  • ruggedness

Mobile opportunities

  • usage is widespread in Africa already
  • affordable handsets and tariffs
  • sample projects: & Uganda health care

Perspectives on Learning – Where next?

Challenge – how to use mobile phones to support learning?

  • Can learning be a more engaging process than traditionally?
  • How to design learning experiences around the mobile device

Why is this important?

  • user generated content is more accepted – “caring and sharing”
  • students sharing content
  • emphasis on mobile learning + Web 2.0

What about an African context?

  • a lot of things emerging – mobile phone coverage, data collection tools, sms sending tools
  • mobile is the dominant technology for learning
  • next project: use mobile devices to produce content locally

Q & A:

If you help animals you help people too – do people understand that message?

  • There’s an international movement now to see the whole ecosystem – animal and human health – as one

Who are the kind of people you would like to get in touch with here?

  • People get involved in different ways, just get in touch with us and we’ll find out


Mira SlavovaMMD4D – Mobile Market Applications in Africa

Interested in markets

What would a visitor from Mars see in social structures on earth?

  • In the west – interconnected communities and companies
  • In Africa, a lot of enclosed societies, not interconnected

More and more penetration in Africa due to the business models

  • pay-and-go

impact of mobile phones

  • blurring of livelihood and lives
  • extending markets
  • strengthening households, families, communities, …

significant instances e.g. M-Pesa, TradeNet, Esoko, txtEagle

Liberia: Trade at Hand

  • civil war, poor infrastructure, lack of standardisation
  • inefficiences in food supply chain, adverse impacts on women
  • project: Trade at Hand
  • posting and receiving offers per sms

research challenges

  • use and social construction of the technology
  • impact on markets
  • adoption
  • business model

innovation challenges

  • application development
  • literacy
  • localisation

Q & A:

Are people already understanding the value of the mobile phone concerning markets?

  • Users are very enthusiastic, we are working on educating the user side

Example of Tanzania

  • Bus drivers stopped taking passengers but make the middleman for people from the village and the city to trade their offers on demand by order of sms


Emmanuel JalRapper

Former child soldier in Sudan – “forced to be a war child”

Puts his fight into the music

It’s hard telling the story but somebody has to do it – for the people who have no voice

The different ethnies and religions are no problem, the oild and the fertile land is a problem – everybody wants it

NGOs right now are only buying time, the aid has to change to fix Sudan again

  • empower the young people
  • more education

Telling his story – how he was cast away from home, recruited, trained for being a child soldier in a refugee camp, and the long and painful journey of his escape

Right now – trying to raise money for a school in his village to give the young people a chance

Link to Emmanuel Jal’s charity

Q & A:

Have you done workshops with musicians to share the experience

  • I do stuff at schools with the kids, they could be the next leaders so I try to teach them how to be good leaders

How much have you raised for the school so far and how much is your aim?

  • Aim: 1 000 000 $ from 1 000 000 people

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