Internal #Q4 2009

Late as always, I hereby provide you with the resumé of the final quarter of 2009 – from November 2009 to January 2010.

The preceding quarterly reviews can be read here:

The first event after the last quarterly review was a really significant one – the World Bank Day @ mHealth Summit at 26 October 2009 – another event organized by our partners from the eDevelopment Thematic Group (eTG) of the World Bank. We blogged about it very detailed – with six posts – and covered it on Twitter.

In November Hello Africa continued to tour the world with a screening in Wales at the May You Live in Interesting Times festival. Later that month we covered the Development Marketplace 2009 event, where “100 ideas to save the planet” were presented, with roughly a quarter of them being funded by the Global Environment Facility, the foreign ministry of Denmark, the International Fund for Agricultural Development and the World Bank Group. Oliver, our man in Germany took part in the World Social Web Dialogue in Berlin, which aims to create a standard for exchanging data between NGOs. Furthermore I attended events of the Austrian NGO SüdwindClean IT – the way to a fair trade PC and one monthly meeting of theirs, focusing on Web 2.0 and new technologies. That was already in December though.

December also started with a very nice present of Oliver Ruhm, designer at Zeughaus Brand Identity Desig, who rebrushed our page design. Except the Donate-button on the top it’s not implemented yet as we all are very busy, but if somebody would be willing to volunteer for that, we’d be grateful!

Thanks to Fritz who was as a teacher in Zanzibar, later that month the homepage and blog for our web application programmers school in ZanzibarZanzicodewent online. You can read about the progress of our pupils there – though we’ll update you here on the blog as well.

The eTG organized an event in December focusing on free and open source software, with Brazil as example. Another event we attended was 26c3, the hacker’s conference of the Chaos Communication Club.

January does not seem so stressful on the blog – with only a review of Bamboo, Tin and Callabashes, an exhibition in the Leopold museum in Vienna and the eTG event on climate smart development – but actually it was a very stressful month with many things happening internally.

We had a big meeting with Martin T, Martin K, Paul, Oliver, Fritz, me (Florian) and even two new members – Thomas and Isabella – taking part. Also, we are working on grant applications, scientific papers, new events and our internal structure – more details to be announced when the time is ripe.

February has just started – but we are looking forward to our next Stammtisch next Thursday – and hope to see a lot of interested people there!

A lot of things to come, and we are still motivated and eager for new challenges.

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Internal #Q4 2009
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