From coming Thursday to Saturday a local version (Lift @ home) of the Lift conference will take place in Vienna. The theme is “Enable! Profound Innovation in Society, Economy & Knowledge”.

From the website:

Mechanistic models and a deterministic worldview may have worked well for the last centuries, but are not apt for the upcoming challenges we are facing today. Rather, we need completely different concepts and attitudes, accepting that the underlying processes escape our control and are unpredictable. It seems that the concept of “Enabling” is the key to this shift of thinking. Enabling is the art of carefully configuring adequate levers (physical space, networks, resources, etc.) that best support specific innovation processes, such as idea generation, prototyping, market entry, etc..

I think ICT4D, with “empowerment” as one of its big goals fits in here really perfect and I’m particularly looking forward to hear more from Franz Nahrada’s project GIVE where he linked up several villages around the globe with visions gathering around ecology and sustainability to share experiences with each other. Also I’m really curious to find our about amazing and innovative projects around Vienna I haven’t known about to share experiences and network with.

If you want to follow the conference on Twitter, watch out for the hashtag #enable.

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