LIFT @ Austria – day 2, part 1

Notes from the first Lift @ Austria conference from 19. to 20. March 2010 in Vienna, Austria.


After the first day of the Lift @ Austria conference (Lift @ Austria – day 1, part 1 & Lift @ Austria – day 1, part 2), the second day was also dedicated to discussions in small groups initiated by two short impulse talks. I joined the group on Enabling Ambiences meet Enabling Metamorphoses. Information on all the groups and speakers can be found at the Lift @ Austria conference program page. Abstracts of all talks can be read at the Lift @ Austria speakers page.

Pictures of the speaker are either shot by myself or taken from the website of the conference.


Roland AltonosAlliance

Co-operative Settings that enable IT, Media and Social Businesses

Enabling spaces already created:

  • Spaces, materials, tools for students enabling them to build furniture and make exhibitions
  • Net Culture Lab – with Telekom Austria
  • Enabling a space takes time – process is too complex
  • Old Telekom building in Dornbirn

We need common values in these settings

  • Ethify
  • 8 virtues
  • Testing these values in various settings and adapting them
  • New value system – one answer to the “crisis”

Internationaler Medienverbund – Co-operative with the possibilities of running micro-co-operatives

  • Reduces bureaucracy for small projects
  • Splitting financial responsibility
  • “Structural enabling space”


Oliver MarlowThe Hub, Tilt

Talking about ‘enabling’ spaces. How design is being used to transform the way people interact with each and their environment

Enabling is connected to space – but also to the interface between people and space

12 principles for The Hub – constraints which are necessary

Co-design workshop for complex problems

  • intuitive responses for questions that pop up
  • for all sorts of problems
  • individual vs. community

Design intervention for an organization tackling climate change with needs for real time information

  • whole wall as chalk board

Q & A:

How do you incorporate people who are off site? How to open up the space?

  • Not really my area of concern – there’s also a virtual space with similiarities to the physical space; it will become more and more relevant – but I stick to the personable reality



We can start the tradition of Personal Semantic Information Management

Computers are an enabling technology

People are taking notes – important for society

  • Technology improves taking notes
  • Personal information management

Semantic web consists of

  • words representing URLs & encoded in QR codes
  • sentences – interpreting words and connecting underlying information (“LIFT@Austria2010 is attendes by Leo Sauermann”)


  • external memory – keeping a diary (Semnotes)
  • communicate knowledge in groups (enterprise 2.0)

Problem: conflict between languages of different operating systems (Apple vs. Microsoft)

Solution: software which is open, free, patent-free, extensible, evolving

Language is the main enabler of humans

  • scientist can improve ways to keep diaries

Suggestion: keep your diaries in the language of the web and let others learn from you

Q & A:

What problem do you solve?

  • The problem of (long-term) memory

What does semantic web add to e.g. Open Office?

  • inter-connecting information

This type of memory is very different to human memory

Fear: the internet doesn’t forget

  • This is open source – can be adapted, needs to be discussed about

The issue here is not memorizing, it’s finding – we are creating automatic ways that can anticipate what we are searching for


Group discussion – Potentials and the way to realize them

Here I joined Katja Lamprecht and Franz Nahrada in their “breakout” group, trying to find concrete ways how to enable people to live up to their potentials and link people wanting to change something.

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