LIFT @ Austria, day 2 – part 2

Notes from the first Lift @ Austria conference from 19. to 20. March 2010 in Vienna, Austria.


Information on all the groups and speakers can be found at the Lift @ Austria conference program page. Abstracts of all talks can be read at the Lift @ Austria speakers page.

Pictures of the speaker are either shot by myself or taken from the website of the conference.

Notes from the first day and second day afternoon:


After the workshop before noon on the second day the posters were exhibited and Kerstin Sailer presented the results of an analyze of the conference space which she carried out with the help of all participants during the conference.

Kerstin – Space syntax

Analysis of events that took place in different locations

  • statistically, geographically
  • configuration of spaces – how do they connect
  • creating an alternative design out of that

Categorization works very well on a collective level

At this event

  • While discussions took place mostly in formal settings (workshop area), learning and rethinking new ideas took place rather in informal settings (cafe, lounge)
  • Learning took place potentially everywhere, whereas new ideas were quite limited to certain spaces

Q & A:

Any optimization ideas how to get more new ideas?

  • How many new ideas can you get? maybe there are already a lot of new ideas

Did you do this in a permanent setting?

  • Yes, in my PhD – it’s really interesting looking at organizations at different points of time


Following this, the results of an interesting feedback mechanism were presented. The feedback mechanism allowed participants to give away plasticine balls to people who they thought were interesting. You could give away different coloured balls according to the following categories:

  • Yellow: inspiration
  • Green: networking
  • Red: facts
  • Purple: style

The feed-back wall looked like this:

The participants, however, were rated on a reverse system – how much plasticine you spent

  • Not rewarding the speakers which are in the focus of everybody anyway
  • Rewarding the people which benefited most from the conference
  • Making something of the new ideas you got


Finally there were some reflections on the conference.

Silja Graupe & Florian Brody – Presentation of workshop results & public discussion

Thoughts of the organizers

  • Space in innovation is a concept that should be thought about
  • Innovation has to be in the core of every activity – not on top
  • Every place we visited had a different questions – is innovation fun? doing good? limited to an industry?
  • The conference was planned with awareness


Many thanks to the organisers, it was a great event.

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LIFT @ Austria, day 2 – part 2
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