ICT4D.at @ EASST Conference 2010

This year’s motto of the European Association of the Study of Science and Technology was “Practicing Science and Technology, Perfoming the Social”. Visiting Europe’s core conference in my field of research, I was fascinated to find a whole track dealing with North/South devide and development issues. Here is a review of this track: About the Sense and Nonsense of a ‘Development’ Label

I was lucky to meet interesting people also studying and operating within ICT4D. During an inofficial gathering of people working in international development context, we had interesting discussions and made plans for publishing together. The initiators were Lara Houston, Christine Richter, Gianluca Miscione and
Norman Schräpel who plans to have a closer look on Rwanda’s ICT policy. Hope to see some of you again at the ICTD Conference in London in December!

My part at the EASST conference in Trento was the presentation and discussion of a paper on video ethnography experience in Kenya together with two of my co-authors Rick B. Duque and Sonja Weber. I am happy to report that the enriching discussion with other scientists working with video as a method offered a lot of inputs and tips for our forthcoming TV documentary series ‘addICT’ on OKTO TV starting with next year.

ICT4D.at @ EASST Conference 2010
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