ICT4D.at Vision Meeting

As main part of our internal re-design, re-focus and re-formulation efforts (which are also part of the reason why it’s currently so quiet around here) we had the ICT4D.at vision meeting last weekend. We talked about many urgent topics there and on our aims and how it will go on with ICT4D.at in the future.

An important thing we agreed on was a first draft of our vision, which should comprise all of our activities, present, past and planned. It should help us to explain (to interested people, possible sponsors, possible members, …) what we do in a short sentence. What we came up with was:

“People in ICT4D.at provide a platform/network to create an environment to enable sustainable projects in the ICT sector to make positive impact in less developed regions all around the world.”

If you have opinions or ideas on that vision draft, please comment.

Our main activities to come closer to this vision are awareness raising (about ICT4D), capacity building (= project work), research and networking.

Our “flagship” project currently is Zanzicode (http://zanzicode.com/), where we provide cost free programming lessons to motivated young people in Zanzibar. We are definitely committed to staying there and also thought of ways how to improve our engagement – for example by providing more advanced lessons for a small fee or introducing an Ashoka-inspired mentoring process for selected alumni.

As we strongly encourage our members to act independently in projects which are in line with our vision, we are definitely also open to possible future projects in other areas of the world. As a first step we’d definitely open our platform and our international network for interesting projects.

Slowly but constantly we are gaining members – and to manage this process better we now set up a process to become a member of ICT4D.at which will shortly be available as web-form, we are working on that.

We also looked at the resources we would need in the future and the competences we currently have – and identified some skills we are lacking and are searching members to cover those. If you are interested in helping out, please look at our “Jobs” site in the wiki.

So far so good, as all of us are currently working on their ToDos from the vision meeting, I’m sure you’ll hear from us more often again soon.

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ICT4D.at Vision Meeting
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  1. Tony Roberts Says:

    I would be interested in meeting with ICT4D.at to discuss opportunities to share information, cooperate and look at possibilities for potential collaboration between our organisations