ICTD2010 – videos 1

Here at ICTD2010 we are busy shooting videos, doing interviews, capturing, logging, rendering and uploading. It’s more work than we imagined, but here are the results of what we have so far produced:

First day – opening:

Second day – wrap up:

Interview with Charlotte Masiello-Riome (e-Agriculture):

Inteerview with Jenny Perry (Surveybe):

But what is still to come? We have taken a lot of interviews, here a short selection of material we have and which still needs to be post-produced and uploaded.

  • Interview with Dorothea Kleine
  • Interview with Ugo Vallauri
  • Interview with Tim Unwin
  • Interview with Patricia Mechael
  • Interview with Ineke Buskens and Kiss Abraham
  • Interview with Geoff Walsham and Kiss Abraham
  • Various other informative interviews with interesting people
  • Wrap up of sessions and presentations day 1, 3 and 4
  • Keynote speech of Sir Tim Berners-Lee
  • Various other sessions and presentations

Furthermore it’s just day three and we’re intending to gather material tomorrow as well.

So make sure to check out the ICT4D.at Youtube channel frequently or become a friend or follower to get notifications on the updates automatically.

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ICTD2010 – videos 1
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