ICT4D.at presenting Zanzicode at the Austrian Social Business Day

Later this month (23.3.) the Austrian Social Business Day takes place in Vienna the second time. The event brings together Austrian and international NGOs, social entrepreneurs and businesses to find possibilities to collaborate and work together.

Der austrianSocialBusinessDay bietet innovativen Unternehmen, gemeinnützigen Organisationen und Social Entrepreneurs die Möglichkeit zu Begegnung und Präsentation. Gemeinsam werden zukunftsweisende Kooperationen entwickelt und erste Schritte zur Verwirklichung gesetzt. [German promo text from the aSBD page]

ICT4D.at will be present there and we’ll present our Zanzicode project. The course is running smooth and all our 12 students are motivated and digging deeper and deeper into HTML, CSS, JavaScript, …

Hopefully we can find interested organizations and possible partners at the aSBD to team up with and help us with the project and develop it further in the future. We identified some sectors where we’d be happy about assistance:

  • marketing & PR know how
  • possibilities to address volunteers
  • graphic designers
  • possibilities for printing
  • sponsoring & funding

I’m very curious what the event will be like and I’m looking forward to interesting encounters.

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ICT4D.at presenting Zanzicode at the Austrian Social Business Day
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